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DIY Popsicle stand

Hello! I am so excited to show you guys the popsicle stand I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday party.

We really love fruit popsicles and we prepair them at home all the time. We make different flavors and we have so much fun doing it. I love seeing my daughter eating healthy.

Sometimes I add veggies to some of her favorites ones and she doesn't even realize I did it. 😉.

For her second birthday party I thought it would be fun to make this popsicle stand and let the kids try the pops and play.

This stand could work as a lemonade stand, fruit stand, ice cream stand, be creative.

I worked on this project in the back yard so she couldn't see it before the birthday party (yes, working outdoors in AZ hot weather, crazy mama!!!!).



  • 4 wood crates (I bought mines at Michaels, psss!! I saw them later in Home depot for half the price)

  • 2 wooden rods

  • Staple gun + long staples

  • 2 spray paint (agua color)

  • 8 nails

  • hammer



  • Spray paint all the wooden pieces, let it dry.

  • With a staple gun, I connected the crates together, I used as much staples as I could, until you feel it is all stable and strong.

  • Then I attached the rods to the sides of the whole base with nails. At this point YOU DID IT!!!

  • Now it is all about your creativity.

  • I found all the decoration items at Hobby Lobby.

  • I made the popsicles banner with scrap book paper. You can also check this tutorial.

  • I tied a piece of jute rope to each side of the rods and hang the popsicles with mini clothes pins.

Don't forget to comment below. Have fun!!


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