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DIY toddler headboard

When I finished this project I couldn't wait until see it in Kiara's bedroom.

Once I put it in place Kiara sat against it and said "oh its so comfy, I love it" my hearth melted.

I have been waiting for Kiara to get old enough to make this project. After she left the crib we passed her to a twin mattress that we placed on the floor. I was kind of following Montessori method and it really worked for us. She loves her bed, she sometimes come to our bed but then she ask to go back and sleep on her bed.

It has been a rollercoaster of feelings for me to see her growing and accommodating her room to her needs. She is growing so fast... sniff sniff!!

I was inspired by the tutorial of this amazing couple you can check it here

Here I am posting a picture of Kiara's bedroom without the headboard.

Toddler bedroom no  heaadboard

Here a pic with the headboard on.

twin headboard

Some pictures here from the very beginning.

I did not add legs to this head board because it is small and it is not too heavy so I though about to hang it on the wall. I also added the bed frame so the mattress is not on the floor. It also give height to the bed. I hope you like it.

Have a nice week!

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