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Colorful Christmas Decor

Hello everybody!! It's Christmas season already and I can not be more happy because its my birthday month too!!! :)

This time I want to share some DIY Christmas décor, I love Christmas and now even more that my daughter is big enough to understand it. Kiara and I spent time doing Christmas cone trees, ornament garland and stockings. Well, Kiara more plays than decorates but we enjoy our time together.

These decorations are super easy and inexpensive!

Here's a picture of the family/Kiara's play room. We spend most of our time in this part of the house so I wanted to do a colorful Christmas decoration for this area. Here are some pictures of the whole area.

Christmas tree & whreath

Colorful decoration

Decoratin helper

Now for the stockings. At the begging of the decoration I found a garland that said "oh what fun" and we hang it but after a few days my husband told me that we are missing stockings. I totally forgot about it! I went to the stores but I couldn't find the right stockings.That is why I decided to make my own. I followed this tutorial to make the stocking.

The ornament garland is so easy to make I followed this tutorial and I added lights and green garland.

Christmas cone trees

The cone trees are the most easy thing to do. You can decorate the cone tree with almos anything. I have some in my main dine area and they look gorgeous. Unfortunately my pictures does not show the details but on that group I decorated them with feathers, beads, glitter and wool. Take a look at the picture I posted below.

Here for the colorful decor cone trees I used wool and glitter.

That is all for the colorful Christmas decor my daughter loves it!! Now I need to tell you that red is one of my favorites colors and for me Christmas is red, period.

My living room is decorated with the traditional Christmas colors. Here are some pictures, I wish my pictures where more profesional but I don't have a fancy camera yet.

Colorful Christmas decor

Christmas window


Finally we have all our Christmas decorations done! Happy holidays everybody!

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