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Healthy and delicious papaya boat

Hello!! I posted this video for Valentines day on my social media last month. Unfortunately the flu has been going around our house for the last few weeks which has made it imposible for me to post on my web page. We are all feeling much better now so here it comes.

Love comes from within so take care of your self every single day so you are able to give your love ones the best of you.

I love eating fruit. Papaya is one of my favorite fruits, so I have several different ways to eat it and make it fun too.

I rememeber eating a papaya boat in Maui for fist time and I really loved it! It was full of yogurt, granola and some other fruits for toppings.

I made my own version and its even better lol.

Here's the video. I hope it makes you feel the desire to prepare one right now. Enjoy!

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