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Infused water

I have been wanting to post some information about infused water for a few weeks now, and finally here it is.

Infuse water

It’s just fruit, vegetables and herbs in water that add taste to the water. We can keep our bodies hydrated and enjoy the taste of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Better hydration means clearer skin, more efficient metabolism, and mental and emotional clarity.

Infused/detox water is simple. Some people use it together with a specific diet and its believed that detox water can rid your body of toxins, improve digestive health, improve mood, improve your complexion, aid in weight loss and boost your energy.

The great thing about infused water in my opinion is that it is a wonderful alternative to sodas and sugary drinks. I believe in having a balanced diet, regular physical activity and consuming tons of water to keep our body hydrated.


There are tons of variations of this recipe but here are my favorites:

  • Lemon+ cucumber+ mint+ water

  • Mango+ cucumber+ ginger+ water

  • Pineapple+ lemon+ pomegranate+ water

  • Strawberries+ kiwi+ water

  • Grapefruit+ rosemary+ water

Pour water in your water bottle, pitcher or glass. Slice up fruit of your choice and add it to the water. Add as little or as much as you would like and Enjoy!

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